About us

 Who are we?

We are a registered company based on California, United States that focus on selling general merchandise. 

Featured on the New Jersey Local News and Yahoo News.

 Why purchase from us?

 FDA & CE Certified manufacturers: All of the manufactures that we are working with are FDA and CE certified manufactures, with proper license and certificate shown on each product listing page. You can also verify them on the official fda.gov

 Official Lab Results: Inspection reports are available in both Chinese and English for your reference. The inspection report are following the National Medical Products Administration

We are trying to prove to you that we offer 100% authentic products, with licenses, certificates and lab reports. These are very important, because there are self-claimed products with nowhere to track the source on the market, and private labeling company anywhere.

 Final Note

All of our products are handle with care, we always wear gloves and masks to avoid directly touching the packaging. If you are interested in purchasing a larger quantities, or verifying the authenticity of certain, please send us an email info@longanmerch.com or by using the contact form. We will reply within the next 24 hours.